Copter 3.5.1 Sik Radio Silenced?

After updating to 3.5.1 last night, all of sikRadio went silent. It will still communicate between pixhawk and tablet or PC, but if try to look up sik radio setup page, it won’t come up. Can’t communicate on both ends. I want to see if anyone else has this issue. I tried 4 drones and 2 PCs with 3.5.1 installed and non of them can’t display Sik Radio setup.

Are you selecting the port and baud rate your radio is on - in MP - prior to connecting?
I don’t remember having to do this before, but at some point Mission Planner changed this and you need to choose the port and baud rate before you connect to them. I find this to be the case with Pixhawk firmware updates as well.

I find myself forgetting to select them constantly, wondering why it won’t connect, and remembering.

It was working just fine on 3.5 until last night when it’s update came out to 3.5.1
Yes, I select both port and baud rate as what I used to on COM4 (check prior to each connect from device manager) and 57600. Still no go…

Ended up with reinstalling clean Mission Planner after cleaning Windows 10 registry… It seems to working now, but uninstalling and clear out registry left overs and reinstalling both Mission Planner and drivers did the trick. Weird…