Copter-3.5.1-rc1 is available for beta testing

Copter-3.5.1-rc1 (release candidate #1) is available for beta testing through the MP’s “beta firmwares” link.

This version has only a single fix on top of Copter-3.5.0 (ReleaseNotes are here).

  • fix to RC input corruption when using Spektrum DSMx with Pixracer

This issue was reported here and here.

The solution was to re-enable DMA (direct memory access) on the Spektrum port. You shouldn’t notice any real differences from 3.5.0 but moving DMA channels around is a fairly low level change so any testing people can do is greatly appreciated, thanks!

If all goes well, we will release this as the official Copter-3.5.1 in about a week.


Any chance rc2 might include the landing gear preference parameter Randy? Would be keen to get back the original functionality. Thanks as always, Paul A (athertop)

Good to see AC3.5.1 rc-1

Hope to see dodeca-hexa frame support in the coming point release