Copter-3.5.0-rc6 released for beta testing

Copter-3.5.0-rc6 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded using the Beta Firmwares link in MP and other Ground Stations. This release is just bug fixes on -rc5. The list of changes can be found in the Release Notes and it’s also copied below:

Changes from 3.5-rc5

  1. Bug fixes and minor enhancements:
  • ESC calibration fix when not using safety switch (was waiting for safety switch to be pushed)
  • Parameter loading improvements (responds sooner after startup, counts parameters in separate thread)
  • Pilot radio passthrough fix for tradheli, single copter, coax copter

Hopefully we are getting close to the final release although we need a couple of good weeks without any serious issues.


@rmackay9 , can you merge and backport the PR for the tones that I tagged you in?

Would be great to see some more Solo features in 3.5!

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Flew MQ600 quad, with a 2.4.8 Pixhawk with 3.5.0rc6 upgraded from rc5 today.
All flew OK in Stab, Loiter, Alt-Hold, Circle, PosHold and a 7 point Mission with RTL. Separate triggered RTL OK as well. Takeoffs in both Stab and Loiter with no problems.
Flight was in 12 gusting to 20 Mph winds!, No issues so far. Too windy to tempt fate and fly the Pixracer today.
Thanks for all the great work.

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Hi. I’m having serious issues with my DSMx receiver if I update from 3.4.6.
Setup: AUAV PixRacer + AUAV Power module, DSMx receiver (OrangeRx R615X DSM2/DSMX) running in DSMx mode, OrangeRX transmitter module, sending 8 channels (does not affect outcome).

It works well for a few seconds, then 10+ channel starts to move randomly, rapidly. First reproduced in-air, close to the ground. Turned off the radio, radio failsafe kicked in, landed.
Latest 3.4.6 release works well with the same setup.
First I observed this a few weeks ago, about 2 RCs ago. But I had some other problems to solve, so reverted to stable.

rc6, pixracer, strong wind: Stabilize, alt hold, pos hold, Auto with 4 Wp and RTL, any issue, windy didn´t affect too.
Nice work, thank´s Devs :smiley:

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Thanks for the report. Could you open a new thread and provide a dataflash log?

Sure, created topic with + uploaded log:
Thank you :slight_smile:

working great over here, awesome releases guys , great work!

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I tried the “light position hold” describes in the release notes:

  1. AutoTune with position hold (enter AutoTune from Loiter or PosHold modes to enable light position hold)

While I was successfully able to autotune my vehicle, it seemed happy to fly far enough away that I wasn’t comfortable letting it go any farther without manual intervention. How “light” is the position hold supposed to be?

@larsks Randy told me this a while back re the holding in autotune :

“Thanks for testing.
The position hold in autotune is a very soft position hold. It doesnt hold position like in loiter or poshold modes. So its very likely that it will drift around 10m or so”

Seems to be true, though in light to moderate winds it goes a little more for me.

OctoQuad X8, 650 frame 630kv 14 inch props CC Escs 4S
Loiter Good
Pos Hold Good
Alt Hold Good
Stabilize Good
Auto Tune Did not complete, entered it from flight mode from pos hold. It would not stay in position and did some odd yawing when I tried to move it back

Needs tuning for sure
Did not test
Fail safes

Will do next weekend
Flight Deck kept losing sensor but I could not tell what sensor, the messages on the display during arming are real nice. Just about no need for a GCS
This might be due to receiver antenna placement, investigating
Stock PIDS out of the box not nearly as good a fit, yaw is very twitchy outside loiter

I have troubles with current measurement. After flashing from lates REL (3.4.6 ?) to 3.4.5 RC6 Mission planner shows me high current in disamerd state. Like instead 1A it measure 100 - 450A, ~100x higher. When I do new current calibration on the page Battery Monitor and type 1A as Measured current, then it shows 0A.
I have pixhawk, Mission Planner 1.3.48.

@Ivosch Update to latest MP beta.

Thank you, works fine.

Yesterday we found (and fixed) another issue with the OneShot ESC calibration. Really sorry about these ongoing problems with the ESC calibration - it’ll be fixed in -rc7 which will be out later this week.

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Small 800mm (31.49 inches) motor to motor. Octo-quad tests:
Tested with 3.5.0-rc6.

Stabilize, altitude hold, loiter, position hold, rtl. All good! Great release indeed! bravo the “dev”!
Best release I ever saw!! Congrats.

PixXXX separate power for main motors and electronics.
Ultra low noise LDO Voltage regulator for GPS / Compass.
Separate low noise LDO for Taranis X6R in D16 mode and 14 channel on serial output.
8 x Hobbywing pro 50A opto ESC.
8 x Multistar Elite 5008-330KV
8 x Tiny Quanum propellers 18x5.5 inches
Single Turnigy graphene 18A 6S battery.Aircraft is planned to carry two of course!
Good mix of brilliant firmware and decent hardware.
Yay! :slight_smile:

ESC calibration did that way:
Looking at min max value in mission planner and set the 8 ESC with a generator according to these values.
Works a treat…


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