Copter-3.4 rc1 tested on Iris+

Updated to 3.4rc1 and made no other changes (did not reload parms). Tested Stabilize, AltHold & PosHold. Flew great in all modes. Altitude and position held rock solid in 5-10 mph wind.

Between the first and second batteries, it took several minutes, even with 10-12 sats, to get GPS lock to arm.

Thanks very much for the testing.
We often get reports that the GPS lock takes longer with new releases but normally it’s an environmental issue that coincidentally happened around the same time as the upgrade.

Understood. I wouldn’t expect the upgrade to have any affect on GPS acquisition but it did seem to take a long time to allow arming even after having 10+ sats, so I thought I’d say something. Otherwise, a perfect day in the air. Thanks for all the work you guys do.