Copter 3.4-rc1 firmware needed

Could someone please let me know where I can get a copy of the 3.4-rc1 firmware? I can’t find it anywhere on the download page, and doesn’t seem to be archived, only versions available seem to be the current 3.4-rc5 beta.

A friend of mine has been running 3.4-rc1 since May and hasn’t had any of the position hold issues I’m currently experiencing, so I think its worth trying. I only need to run the 3.4 beta version being I need the new camera trigger parameters added to 3.4, they’re not in 3.3.3.

I tried to build it last Friday from what I think are the correct rc1 source files, but not 100% it worked right, so don’t trust the firmware version I built myself.


I have the 3.4RC1 hexa, octa-quad and quad firmware here if it helps:

Awesome, thank you sir!