Copter 3.3 No Auto Retract with Retractable Landing Gear

Connected my Retractable landing gear as in Wiki using Pixhawk AUX1 and CH 8 Works fine manually but in Auto (middle switch pos.) Only Deploys gear! Never Retracts Gear in the Mode? is there a min. ALT. to Retract? or what is the trigger for it to retract the landing gear? Would like some help with this problem.

Hi, it doesn’t retract automatically, only deploys automatically. This is an error in the documentation.

Hi guys,

Yeah, the Wiki was a bit out of sync with the actual program, I have gone ahead and updated it (might take a bit before you see the changes).

There is no Auto mode for the landing gear. There is a ‘stub’ of it in the code but it doesn’t actually do anything yet. For now, the middle position would just be neutral where, basically nothing happens.

The reason Auto mode is not enabled, is because I haven’t figured out a good fool-proof way for that to work. It should be possible to retract the gear automatically at a certain altitude (how high?) but automatic deployment is quite problematic. Unless the copter has a rangefinder (sonar, lidar) we don’t really know how high we are above the ground at any point other than Home. I am unlikely to create an auto mode unless I’m sure we have a good chance of it actually behaving reasonably well.

Any ideas, I’m open.

As noted in the Wiki, the gear will always come down automatically during Land mode or RTL.

Could we not have an if statement for now. i.e. If RNGFND_TYPE not = 0 and Sorar = good then retract at RETRACT_ATI.

I know it is limited to people with a rangefinder but its a start.

PLEASE :smiley: