Copter 3.3 camera gimbal sutter seting

I would like to assign the RC10 to the sutter using the camera trigger.
However, the parameter can not be stored in the designated RC10.
Can I modify it directly in the full parameter?
Or can you send me the modified parameters?

firmware : coter 3.3.3 (HEXA)
my camera : sony from qx-1
FC : pixhawk
transmitter : tananis 9
module : Seagull #REC

I tried and cannot get the shutter trigger out of either RC9 or RC 10. I was trying to replicate Patrick Duffy’s scheme of remotely triggering a GoPro camera via a WiFi link to an onboard Raspberry Pi.

I did the appropriate configuration in Mission Planner (I only have a 6 ch receiver, so I used the unused channel, Gear, and plugged into APM input port #7). I did the radio calibration and verified that the APM “sees” ch7 when I toggled the gear switch on my transmitter, however I never got a signal out of RC9 or RC10.

I don’t know if this functionality was taken out of the firmware. I did have to use an older version of Mission Planner as the latest does not give you access to the full parameter list.