Coordinate Frames and Sensor Data

What coordinate frame is all of the sensor data (GPS, IMU, etc.) implemented for APM:Copter (ENU, NED, etc)? I have been assuming NED.

Also, is there a way to get the SCALED_IMU data through MAVLINK? I receive the RAW_IMU data, but need the other.

From what I can see in the code, SCALED_IMU is not sent, so that may be the answer to one of my questions, unless someone has a different answer.

As for the RAW_IMU, what are the units given for each sensor type. All I can find is some information given in regards to the logging components ( … n-planner/). I originally assumed that were milli-g’s and millirad/s.

So I believe I found the resulting values for RAW_IMU being sent in the source code.

accel.x * 1000.0 / GRAVITY_MSS, accel.y * 1000.0 / GRAVITY_MSS, accel.z * 1000.0 / GRAVITY_MSS, gyro.x * 1000.0, gyro.y * 1000.0, gyro.z * 1000.0,

I will continue looking into the code and datasheets, but does anyone know what the scale factors are for the imu data that should be used on the RAW data?

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe they are centi-radians per second, and m/s/s.