Converting Pixhawl PX4 quad to hexacopter

I currently have a quad with a Pixhawk PX4 running v3.3.3 firmware. I am in the process of converting it to a hexacopter. My question is about how to make the conversion in Mission Planner. Is it as simple as going into 'Initial Setup/Mandatory Hardware/Frame Type, then selecting ‘X, Y6A’. If this is the case, what default settings should be selected from the drop down list

Then, if this is done, do my parameters remain as I have set them, or does the change return all parameters to default.

Or, should I start from scratch by performing a new installation for hexacopter.

Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

A Y6A is not a hex. Well, it is, but it’s a coaxial tricopter (two motors on each arm). You’d be better off starting from scratch.

Thanks Big Tulsa, I think I would more at ease to start from scratch.

My conversion is now all done and working properly. To convert from quad to hex, one opens Mission Planner/Initial setup/Install firmware. Then select the hex type and flash the FMU. This does not overwrite your personalised parameters which is good. I re-calibrated the gyros & compasses; probably not necessary but I felt that it was wise to do so. I did a tethered ground test and found that al was well.
I have fitted 11x4.7 ( they actually measure as 12" with Tarot folding spinners) folding props which work but not as effectively as the 14x4.7’s I had on the quad set up. I’m going to get 12x4.7 carbon fixed props, which should give it a lot more push.
I have Black Widow 3508 610Kv motors which are excellent.