Converting older IMAX values to the new IMAX/FILT format?

I was trying to pick up on an old project (heavy lift quadcopter) I’ve had on hold for quite a while. I installed the latest version of Mission Planner and updated the firmware on the Pixhawk, but while trying to reinsert the PID values I had been using previously, I noticed that there had been a format change in the input: where before there had been IMAX and greyed out FF parameters for the Pitch/Roll/Yaw rates, now there are IMAX and FILT parameters. Since the default values for these are very different to the previous defaults (the IMAX is now many orders of magnitude lower), I am kind of confused as to how to approach reinserting the values.

I searched the Copter docs, but (as far as I can tell) there is no mention of FILT on there. I checked the forums for a solution but have come up empty handed, with the closest post having no answers. Could someone point me in the right direction? :slight_smile:

I was having this confusion too. Couldn’t find anything in the release notes, but I did find a thread stating older values were: Percent*10 for a range of 0-1000. New version has a range of 0-1, so the math to convert should be straightforward from there. Here’s the thread: