Converting .log back to .bin?

I’m attempting to edit dataflash logs from a real flight to simulate a GPS signal drop, and then run this tweaked log through Replay to evaluate the impacts on the EKF fix and etc.

I have already built a a script capable of editing .log files the way I want, however it seems as though Replay takes .bin files as input, and not .log files.

Seeing as mission planner is how I went from .bin to .log in the first place, I was wondering: is there a a similar tool that allows the reverse process?

If there is not, can someone point towards the code responsible for handling this? I cant quite find it, but I would then attempt to reverse-engineer it myself, either to reverse the conversion or edit .bins in place.

To my knowledge, there are no tools to do what you want. I’ve been in a similar situation where i wanted to change some minor data in the bin files. I ran into big problems and finally just used a hex editor to get it done. I still had the problems of checksums not matching, but could do analysis. The problem also is that the bin files don’t have a consistent, predefined format.

thanks for the answers - im looking to add in some external data to the .bin file (fuel flow info) allowing plotting within the log review tools available. or not…

Most review tools support .log files.