Converting .bin to .log message box takes over my computer

Please please please do something else with that message box/progress bar. When i’m downloading all logs from the previous month, I literally can’t multitask because it’s taking the focus every time it pops up. Thank you.

Locks up my computer running win 7. I have to open task manager and shut down the process, losing everything. I would love to see a fix too.

please post a screenshot of the box you are talking about @Iketh @HomerSimpson

Impossible for me to take a sceenshot since the computer is frozen to a white screen. I could take a photo of it, but I now have a work around now to my problem. I update my drone through QGroundControl. What used to take me several hours of on, off, unplug, plug in, reboot, and booting up 20-30 times EVERYTIME I update through MP, has now been reduced to a simple mouse click ONCE and it’s done!

I have a suggestion for the MP program, get the directions to the procedure of unplugging the USB cord and plugging it back in then clicking “OK” figured out and get it to match the directions in the online “User Manual” on the website. It’s very confusing for a beginner. I think everyone has forgotten there are new people every day coming to these websites and online forums to figure out how to use a wonderful product, but giving up after it turns out no one remembers when they first started learning how to use/setup the PixHawk and how they had to pour through tons of messages to find out the directions say many different things.

Sorry for the rant, I know it needs to go some other message thread.

Well this forum has an upload bug. Says the maximum file size is too big and to reduce under 4500KB, but the image is 1500KB. This occurs with trying to post logs too.

275KB worked