Converting a RC Car?


I have an old RC car laying around. The remote controller was never working well.
Now I want to build a quadcopter at some point, but I want to gain some experience with drones first.
Do you think it makes sense to convert a RC Car? It has 2 Motors - one for fwd/bckwd and one for steering.

Electronics is no problem I am engineer - but new to this whole rc thinggi :slight_smile:

Any comments are welcome

Unlike multicopters, rovers are subject to the surfaces they are running on. If it is a light weight car, then you might be limited to where you can run your rover and you might wind up repairing it a lot from unexpected crashes. However, rovers do not fall out of the sky and usually only experience an occasional rollover.
Tuning a rover is quite a bit different than tuning multicopters so the tuning experience will not be quite the same. However you will learn about the basic operating parameters and how to use a GCS to program and communicate with your rover.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

its quite a heavy car. Tonka xt stunt pro…

I mean if shit hits the fan, i can still use the board for a quadcopter :slight_smile:)