Convert v2450 GPS to brushless

Has any tried or been successful at converting this drone to a brushless configuration. I have been googling and did a furom search here, to not much avail. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, can’t wait to get involved in the community.
Hope this is the correct place to post this.

I’ve taken the flight controller out, removed the FETs that run the brushed motors and put it in a 3” race quad.
Two tips: be careful removing the FETs, and either stick with the 1S power arrangement, or provide a 3.3V power supply to the board (which is what I did). To convert the actual SkyViper to brushless motors would be tricky, as there isn’t really a good place to put esc’s, but would be possible.

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@james_pattison except for the sole purpose of a technical feasibility demonstration, I guess there is no real advantage to transform a 150$ mini quad into a ‘‘barebone’’ FC that we can get for less than 1/3 the price ?

True. The one I used was actually a pre-production prototype FC :wink:

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Thanks for the responses. My real goal here is to maintain some of the perks and features of this drone. I like the fact that it has GPS and it’s running ardupilot firmware. I just really want something comparable to the v2450 GPS, but with a brushless configuration. Is there any brushless flight controllers that fit the bill? Having a brushless FC that could run the SV’s custom firmware would be a dream. But I’m sure it’s out of the question.