Convergence software

Where can someone link me to the correct convergence firmware? I am needin g b the exact update to the pixhawk 4 autopilot once I build me a upscale version of the convergence as you can see in this picture it’s a rough fit of things the connectors are 3d printed I had to order more and I’ll neneed to get more carbon fiber rods cheers

As was stated before and links provided this type of craft is in Arduplane. There isn’t “Convergence firmware” there is firmware for a particular flight controller with many frame types to choose from depending on the type of craft it is

That table of parts doesn’t show anything useful.

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I’m laying things out before I glue up the frame with a jig

Maybe I’m just a confused little shit lol so I get the pixhawk4 then find in arduplane the software it comes with and find the right frame for it

Start by loading current Stable Arduplane, enable Quad plane (Q_ENABLE 1) set the Frame class to Tricopter (Q_FRAME_CALSS 7) Then start learning a lot about Arduplane VTOL.

You have spread posts all over the place. This is a Plane so it belongs in Arduplane. It’s a VTOL so it belongs in Arduplane>Vtol. Not Copter and not Copter simulation or anywhere else.

Well shyt lol sorry…