Controlling X380 and X500 with APM Planner or MissionPlanner

I am considering to buy the XK X380-C: … 74720.html

or the XK X500: … 74726.html

Can any of these drones be controlled by APM Planner and/or Mission Planner? If not, then it looks like I have to settle with CX-20 and do the battery tray modification to accommodate larger batteries.

Apart from CX-20, are there other drones in the similar price range that can do GPS, altitude hold, can take gimbal, go-pro and FPV, and be able to be controlled by APM planner for waypoint purposes?

No idea. what version of Copter do they run. I would expect they would just fine. Post here if they do not

The question I am asking is whether they run arducopter at all, and must they run arducopter in order to be able to be controlled by APM Planner.

Does anyone know what firmware do XK X380 and X500 run?