Controlling Servos with Pixhawk

I am trying to control a servo attached to release mechanism. I want to use a swith on the transmitter to actuate the servo. I read the post below.

And I am wondering if this excerpt from the above page is still applicable.

Controlling the servo as a servo
The traditional way to control a servo only works as part of a mission (i.e. AUTO mode). Follow these instructions:

Seems like I should be able to send PWM to the servo through any of the AUX ports.

I am using AUX 1,2 and 3 to control camera trigger, camera zoom (through a Camremote) and gimbal tilt. But when I try to use RC12, it’s not working.

Heres my set up

Futable T14SG radio with a 8 channel reciever.

I have RC7 set as pass through and RC12 is set to 57(RC7in)

I have external power to the Pixhawk servo rail coming in AUX6. Power is defintily getting to the servo as I can feel the servo vibrate.

On the the log files I can see RC7 in and out respond to switch movement, but RC12 remains flat at 1500 PWM.

Seems like it should work, but it’s not.

Any ideas?


Make sure BRD PWM is set to 6 and not 4. This makes the last two Aux pins Relay pins.

Otherwise use aux1-4 as these are PWM by default.