Controlling 3DR IRIS via Arduino from remote location

I want to control the 3DR IRIS from an Arduino on the ground, additionally I want to stream the video feed via the Arduino or other micro controller “base station” to a remote location. Basic controls would be moving to Lat/Long coordinates using the auto pilot so any latency is irelevent as the operator would have no real time control.

Is this possible (providing the location had Wifi for external access). All the guides on the site seem to using GUI applications where as I need some form of API to send commands via the Pixhawk or similar.

Control: … n-the-road

Video is a different thing and has nothing to do with the control, so you’ll have to find your own solution. Keep in mind, that WiFi can interfere with 2.4GHz R/C systems like the one that comes with the Iris.


I’d like to decode what mode the APM 2.6 is in (Stabilize, Loiter, RTL, etc.) using some thing like the Arduino Nano, Micro or even Trinket but I have no idea where to begin.

I’m new to Arduino and sketches but I’m assuming this is possible via the APM’s Telemetry output pins or USB.

Does anyone know where I could find codes samples and/or tutorials that offer a lot hand holding?


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