Controller/Servo Movement Issue!

Hi I’m Anna!

I am new to the world of Ardupilot and I am having some issues getting my servos to respond to my controller. I have my pixhawk 4 set up for a fixed wing plane and connected to my mission planner ground station via telemetry radios. When I turn the controller on to calibrate the servos it works and the green bars move as I move the joysticks but when I arm the pixhawk to fly the servos don’t move! Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!

Please download a dataflash log and upload it here alongwith your parameter file.

Please use the arduplane wiki or google to see how the above steps are done.

I have no logs available to download - I followed what the documentation said to do and there were no existing logs. I have attached my parameter file below. Thank youParameters - june 16th.param|attachment (17.9 KB)

Dataflash logs are collected in armed mode only by default. Try to move servos with your controller in an armed state. Make sure you do not have propellers attached to your motors.

I have tried to move the servos with the controller and nothing has happened. That’s the issue I’m facing. There is no propeller attached.

If your vehicle is armed then dataflash should be recorded. Download the recorded log and upload here

Ok, thanks! I got the logs, I downloaded the most recent one because it was taking a long time to downloa373 2020-06-18 3-50-28 PM.bin.log (10.5 KB) d.