Controller and Converter


I am looking for a dual DC (brushless) motor controller (RC control - Ardupilot) to be connected to a 48V motor and therefore to a 48V battery.

It seems not easy to find such controller or anyway not cheap (just found produced by RoboClaw).

To use 12-30V controller (cheaper and easier) do you think possible the insertion of a converter (from 48 to 30V) between battery and controller and another converter (from 30 to 48V) between controller and motor?


Unfortunately that would not be possible, the motor controller for brushless motors is very similar to a DC to 3-phase AC inverter. Using DC-DC conversion from 48 to 30 to power the motor/controller is possible, but it is not possible to do any voltage conversion on the output of a motor controller.

If you need to control two brushless motors with identical RPM, you should be able to get two HV (12s) ESCs (motor controllers) and tie the pwm signal lines together.

I thought the Roboclaw controllers are for brushed motors. In any case you could possibly use the controller sold for scooters.

Thanks for your feedback!

Any suggestion for 48V motor controller?


How about an odrive?


You are right, I checked. It is for brushed motors.

Scooter controller are also able to control 2 motors? Or how to control 2 motors (ex. with 2 controllers?)



thanks for the advice. Really interesting!

I will try shipment from US.


I think Sebastian’s suggestion is better. You would need 2 scooter controllers and they have other functions (braking, etc) built in you don’t need. However they are relatively cheap.

Found another one:

I use two single FSESC in my one of my rovers, they work flawlessly and the VESC tool software lets you configure loads of settings.

There is also an explanation video.

Many thanks! Very helpful.

Use a controller out of an electric forklift. They are 48v. You can hack the board easily. Electric forlifts use 48 volt motors.

The servo driver board is probably on the same board, if not get the driver boards.

Some of the larger wheel chairs have 48v controllers as well.

They should be relatively cheap used.