Control Shutter and Camera Power on RC10 (Seagull Map)


I’ve got a 3DR X8 (pixhawk) with a sony Rx100m4 camera. I’m running the Seagull Map interface and have it configured on RC10 as per instructions which works fine ( … Manual.pdf ).

You can send a PWM value to turn the camera on/off as well (1100/1900), which I had hoped to configure to a combination of the TRN and Gear switches on Radio 8 on my transmitter (Flysky FS-TH9X). I can’t seem to figure out how to do this though with regards to the mission planner software. I can get the switch triggering the camera by changing the radio 8 setting to Camera Shutter and having the shutter set under gimbal control, but it seems the channel has to be a camera shutter only.

Is there any way I can assign 1100/1900us to a switch, whilst still maintaining the do_digicam_control (1700us) function in mission planner?

I’m sorry, I feel like this should be a really straight forward requirement but I have looked and come up short.



Ive just wired mine straight to the Rx, works great

Yeah, I haven’t looked too much into that yet. I can trigger it fine through the pixhawk manually using a channel on the TX, but I want the do_digicam_control function to work as the unit is for mapping. The issue is it sits with the lens in the grass before you take off.

Run the on/off pwm signal to the Rx, and the camera trigger to pixhawk :wink:

So run a splitter cable? I was concerned the PWM signals would be sent back up the line and cause problems in the RX or the pixhawk?

Ahhh, sorry just saw you had the #map,

The #rec has 4 input channels, so you can run them anywhere.

did you solve this problem? i have same issues…
my pixhawk cannot trigger the on/off signal…

I am going to incorporate MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO in my mission plan. Do one for camera on after takeoff or start of mission, and another with the opposite PWM values at the last camera way point before land.