Control range pwm channel 5

is there any way to edit these default values?
If you want to support 6 modes then the transmitter will need to emit PWM widths of around 1165, 1295, 1425, 1555, 1685, and 1815 milliseconds. Typically this is achieved by configuring the transmitter to mix a two position switch and a three position switch (giving 6 modes in total). You can also do this with an analog dial if one is available, but it’s hard to reliably turn a dial to just the right position for six distinct settings.
with the key of 6 positions I’m only getting 5 values because it’s very tight

replace the potentiometer with a 6 position switch and determine the appropriate value for resistors to be used on each position to get the wanted PWM signaling, or search for a 6 position switch that already has the modifications done. This was common for the FrSky radios but I’m sure others are easy to find.

Use other switches for some flight modes. I use separate switches for RTL and Auto.

but I use this key
and the values do not beat

look here

But how do I give these values here?

not knowing your RC radio makes it hard to advise.

Very easy to do with a FrSky/OpenTx radio, less easy but perfectly doable with good radios from Spektrum (DX8, DX9, and others), also easy with Graupner MZ-24/MZ-32, or even with some Futabas (don’t know models).

Or you can go and compile yourself the code with PWM values that suit you…

Must be missing something here. This is trivial with mix weight/offset.

Yes, something not right here, because this user is also questioning on the STorM32 thread at RCG similar questions… but hey…

taranis x9d plus
using the s3 output on the board

the idea of STorM32 and to control the runcam
since it does not have native support in ardupilot

with the X9D it’s very easy to setup the 6 flight modes. It has enough switches to play as you please.

No idea what the s3 output is on which board…

If you want to control additional PWM devices, use direct outputs from the receiver, or use aux outputs from a supported controller to send the required PWM values

but I’m using a single 6-way switch instead of using 2 of 3

As you were told at the OpenTX thread at RCG, you’ll have to calibrate your 6pos switch and set it correctly to put out the required PWM values