Control pixhawk without remote control ... only with mission planner

I build new drone F450 with pixhawk controller.
Because of budget problems … I ran out of money and i could not buy a remote control.
I have a lot of experience with software develop so i decide to try to write a software that i will be able to control my drone F450 from my laptop.
After building all the drone - i connected the battery and try to connect the drone thru telemetry ( one side on the drone and other side on the laptop )
The connection work and i can see the drone parameters thru ‘mission planner’.
But i can’t take off.
I can’t make the drone fly …
I mean that i try to make the engine spin without propeller … but this is not happening.
What i did wrong ?
Is it possible to make the engine spin on this situation ?
What to do next ?

This is a very good question. did you get any solution on this ? I do not have a remote either as I will have a self-balancing system after all. I tested the drives standalone, controlling ESC’s via servo driver (one-channel pwm…). PX4 sensors are alife, and I am testing MP using a heli-config. My problem is that the motors don’t start automatically, and I suspect it is related to the fact that I cannot complete the required remote control setup (servo driver does not show any response in calibration screen).