Control Pixhawk 4 with MavProxy

Using windows 10, a pixhawk 4, ardupilot, and mission planner.

I have followed all the directions from

I installed Python 2.7, Cygwin 64, and MavProxy. However, I am not able to connect to my flight controller. Whenever I enter --master=“comXX” --baudrate=YYYY where XX is comport number and YYYY is the baudrate into the MAVexplorer, it returns unknown command. I cannot find a clear answer whether MavProxy is compatible with Pixhawk or if it is it just for APM flight controllers?

If it is not for pixhawks, can you please offer an alternative method of activating a channel 5-8 during flight while still allowiing the TX/RX to have full control over channels 1-4?


MAVExplorer is for analysing and graphing flight logs. You need to to use MAVProxy for the ground station.

Enter the same command ( --master=“comXX” --baudrate=YYYY) into the command prompt. For example:

Yes, MavProxy can be used to control any Adrupilot and PX4 based vehicles. Regardless of the hardware boards these softwares run on.

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