Control of gimbal pitch during a waypont mission?

I have flown many mission using ROIs with the mount set to “GPS point” to control the yaw and pitch to lock on to a ROI between waypoints.

I have also flown with the mount set to “RC targeting” to set the gimbal pitch while flying along the path.

Is there a way to set different a gimbal pitch after different waypoints in either Mount mode?

Can one fly along with an ROI set and then cancel that ROI after certain waypoint and then fly with a specified gimbal pitch along the path?

With ArduCopter 3.3 after the ROI you should be able to use Do-Mount-Control to enable you to specify a pitch/roll/yaw angle for the gimbal.

At least that’s my understanding of it - … nt-control

Thanks for the reply. I had missed that one before. Now I just have to figure out what values correlate to what degree of upward or downward pitch. Don’t know if “0” is straight ahead, up or down.

My parameter file has-


for my 2 axis gimbal so I would assume 0deg is dead ahead while 90deg is straight down and -90deg is straight up. Though probably have those two the wrong way round.