Control Motors Separately

Is there a way to test each motor individually?

on Pixhawk, is alredy possible since version 3.1.x from CLI ->test->motors

on APM maybe will be available from 3.2 version

Ciao - Giuseppe

Motor test is available on APM 2.x since Copter 2.4!!!


Sorry, I confused it with Motorsync.

Ciao - Giuseppe

Is there any internal tests going on or is it for a user to check motors turn and direction?

It’s exactly for the user to check that the cabling is right.

When i do the motor test from the mission planner, it always say something like “Autopilot didn’t allow the command”. It works as intended if i do the motor test from CLI tho.

IIRC, the buttons in Mission Planner work from 3.2 on. Before 3.2 you have to use CLI.