Control LED driver on/off function using PWM6 Output on a Kakute F7 flight controller

Good day guys,

I’m in need of help as I’m trying to set up one of the PWM outputs of the Kakute F7 to control an external LED driver PWM switch.

According to this link -->, the Kakute F7 has the following structure:

Servo Output Mapping

The PWM outputs are marked M1-M6 in the above pinouts. The corresponding servo outputs are:

  • M1 -> Servo Output 4
  • M2 -> Servo Output 1
  • M3 -> Servo Output 2
  • M4 -> Servo Output 3
  • M5 -> Servo Output 5
  • M6 -> Servo Output 6

PWM Output

The KakuteF7 supports up to 6 PWM outputs. The pads for motor output M1 to M6 on the above diagram are for the 6 outputs. All 6 outputs support DShot as well as all PWM types.

The PWM is in 3 groups:

  • PWM 1, 2 and 3 in group1
  • PWM 4 and 5 in group2
  • PWM 6 in group3

Based on this info, I’ve been trying to set up the M6 output to be controlled by one unused Aux channel switch without much luck.

Has anyone of you successfully enabled a PWM output to control an external device?

Please shed some light this way, not sure where to go.

Thank you in advance!