Control Drone with Telemetry and drone Tower application

Hello, I am exploring multiple methods to control the Drones; I found, I can control the drones using telemetry attached to the mobile and installing the Tower mobile application. Initially, I was not able to find the TOWER app on the play store, however later I found this was part of the 3DR services app on the play store, unfortunately, I was not able to download the app on my Android Moto g5 mobile and yet I have to figure out what was the problem.

I tried to download 3DR Solo but the application looks to be working only on 3DR Solo Drones.
Can I still download the TOWER app for controlling any of the DIY drones? if not can you suggest any of the best mobile apps using which i can control the drones using Telemetry and what you think about the QGroundControl app? ¬ Regards Manjunatha

QGroundControl is current and supported. Tower hasn’t been updated in years.

Thanks, dukes, I just installed the APP let me explore and see how it works. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi does it supports ‘follow me’ feature?