Control a 3-axis gimbal to point to a GPS point?


This question might be off-topic, but maybe not:
I have a commercial license for aerial photography using ultralight planes (not models). I plan to use a drone, soon, too.
My problem on board a plane while trying to shoot photos is two-fold: Either I need to hire a cameraman, or fly and shoot, which is a compromise, or just plain impossible in turbulence.

Now, hanging a drone with motors off under the plane won’t do a correct POI tracking, because a dron yaws the nose to the POI to do that.

My question: ist there a way to extrapolate from the Ardupilot software to control only a 3-axis gimbal so it would point to a POI specified beforehand, regardless of there the plane goes, or where it’s nose points?


Which way would you go?