"continue with mission" failsafe, but not in Auto mode?

“Continue with mission” is a failsafe mode I’ve actually used with success when intentionally flying very briefly behind a hill where I knew I’d lose RC link.

But what happens when one is in, say, Altitude Hold flight mode and have a failsafe? Does the “mission” that is continued equal the mission that is flashed under Auto mode, or is it to continue to hold the flight mode one is in, or something else?

From the wiki:
[i]When a throttle failsafe is triggered one of the following will happen:

  • Disarm motors – if you are in stabilize or acro mode and your throttle is zero
  • RTL – if you have a GPS lock and are at least 2 meters from your home position
  • LAND – if you have no GPS lock or are within 2 meters of home when the failsafe triggers
  • Continue with the mission – if you are in AUTO mode and have set the Failsafe Options to “Enabled_continue_in_auto_mode”.
  • If the failsafe clears (throttle climbs back above 975) the copter will remain in it’s current flight mode. - - It will not automatically return to the flight mode that was active before the failsafe was triggered. This means that if, for example, you are flying in stabilize mode when the failsafe is triggered, and this causes the flight mode to change to RTL or LAND, if you wish to re-take control of the copter you will need to change your flight mode switch to another position and then back again to Stabilize.[/i]

So it sounds like it will LAND if in ALT_HOLD and enters failsafe.