Continous Yawing Issue

I was trying to fly a large hexacopter in stabilize mode with Hobbywing x9 pro motors and two 12s 30,000mah batteries in parallel (I was using Pixhawk CubeOrange Plus as FC and Ardupilot version 4.5.3). I faced two issues while flying it:

  1. One motor was not rotating at the time of arming.
  2. When were giving it just the throttle (no roll, pitch, yaw), it was continuously yawing, even when we didn’t give it any yaw command from the transmitter.

I have calibrated both the ESCs and the transmitter multiple times, but it’s still happening. Here are the log: link.

Your inputs would be very helpful.

Thank you,
Vaibhav Upadhyay

There are many threads in this forum discussing one and/or the other problem and providing guided instructions on how to solve them.

Did you searched the forum?