Constant drift and lack of control in stabilize mode

I’m at wit’s end with this thing. I have a TBS Discovery with Sunnysky 800kvs, and Opto 30A ESCs, and 10x5 GF-E props, with Turnigy 9X control (set to ACRO mode) and a Nanotech 4s battery.

I have verified that I have the right spin direction on all props, and that I have the correct (CW vs CCW) props on the copter. I put my finger 1 or 2 cm ahead of the center of thrust underneath the TBS Discovery bottom plate and it seems to be balanced.

However, I can almost never take off, the quad keeps tipping over in windless conditions. It’s driving me nuts. I should not have to adjust pitch or roll while taking off right?

Fed up, I tried a hand launch. Even slowly adjusting throttle up I can feel the quad tipping backwards or forwards and it doesn’t feel stable. Determined to get a flight log, I attached a string and had a friend hold the other end so I could safely throttle up and just release my hand. I get around 30 seconds of very difficult, constantly drifting flight before I have to force land the quad.

My old quad was a Parrot AR and it was nowhere near as unstable as this.

I’ve attached my logs from the hand launch session. I enabled every single kind of log type in mission planner. Could someone help me???

Do not compare a Parrot to an APM, they are so differents.

Your problem is curious, it seems like not enough power, but your technical choices are good.
It can be a tuning problem : did you try the “Basic Tunning” in “Config/Tunning” tab from Mission Planner ? It is easy to do, and generally sufficient.

Thanks for your response. I got fed up and gave up. Mailed it to the professionals for repair and tuning. I hope the rest of my experience with APM isn’t like this.