Constant compass failures and toilet bowl

Hi there,

Posted this in another thread as well. My SkyViperGPS is all over the place while in loiter mode. If I put it in any other mode that does not use GPS, it’s pretty stable. I’ve tried recalibrating the compass and motors very many times, even out in empty field but my logs still show the compass as failing. When I calibrate, I usually get fitness of 5-6 and I will even try to launch after reboot and still gets crazy errors. I fly plenty of other GPS Arducopter birds in same spot, no issue. And I’ve tried many different areas and still getting “FAIL” compass in logs. Can anyone help determine what the issue is? Logs attached, link to .BIN’s via DropBox.


This indicates faulty GPS unit I think. The toilet bowl is something seen frequently if you take off before you get 3D lock on GPS. It would make sense the a faulty unit would give similar results.

Could make sense, not seeing any gps issues in logs though? Maybe the compass is bad?