Console terminal and SBUS output pins of PH2

In PH2 the 6 pins next to the power connectors are for Console and SBUS. However it has not been labeled as to which pin is what. I cannot find this information in the 2 pdf files from the download section of the HEX website. IT would really help if someone can point it out. I think the connectors must be as follows.

a. RX/TX/GND for the console
b. SBUS/VDD/GND for the SBUS.

But I do not know which pins.

Thanks this helps. I guess the ground row is the one towards the servo connection. I will try out today to see if I can see the output on console using FTDI.

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I to had been wondering about the pin layout… finally used an ohmmeter to at least verify which was the two ground pins (closest to the cube). As my sers 1-4 are full (ser1:telem1=915 radio and osd, SER2: telem2=frsky telem to recvr, SER3:gps1=Here gps, SER4:gps2=LEDDAR) I wanted to swap the LEDDAR to com5 so I could use ser4 for my ODroid (companion computer) interface… but Even though ser5 should handle this I haven’t been able to get it to recognize any settings. Looking at the RX/TX pins of CONS, it never sees any signal matching any other serial port as set when they are working corectly. IE setting SER5 to anything doens’t seem to do anything.

any ideas? what setting might I be missing? Yes…have tested with more than one port as well as only port configed for variations here.
Note: running AC3.5 initial final release