Connector Compatibility of Here+ RTK with Pixhawk

I recently purchased a Here+ RTK for Pixhawk…The rover end is having JST GH 8pin connector which is for Pixhawk 2. Can we connect the RTK rover to pixhawk through Molex DF13…?
Thank you.


Yes, you can, you just need to convert the cable.

Does someone make a cable for this already? I am thinking about adding a HERE GPS to a Pix 1 in Arduplane.

Thank you OXINARF, for reply…
I am looking for replacing the cable of RTK rover. I purchased pixhawk 2 along with connectors. A cable is provided, with JST GH 8 pin connector at one side with DF13 6 pin, DF 13 2pin for gps and i2c port for connecting with pixhawk. So, I have the doubt, weather the rtk rover is fixed with JST GH housing. Actually I feared to tear down the RTK rover, as i am looking for anybody had faced this problem…?