Connection to Multipoint radio to single ground module using Mission planner

hi, I have successfully flashed the 3DR radio with multipoint firmware and I want to connect the base node to mission planner and connect all the vehicles. but I am not able to do so. the module is showing params of the single copter. how can I achieve multiple vehicle flying? please navigate me step by step.

Please assign a unique ID number to each autopilot,(params “SYSID_THIS_mav ”,)

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Yes I did attach unique ID to each mav. But the result is same. It is not reading multiple vehicle data.

problem solved. mission planner had some problem with a driver. reinstalled it and now i can connect to both quadrotors.

Prem_Sai - Can you provide a link for the multi-point firmware for the 3DR radio?

Yes, I followed instructions from

Thanks! Appreciate the quick response.