Connection problem using Rocket M2

Hello, I have a very specific question. I am trying to connect Mission Planner to the PIxhawk 4 through the Telemetry port to RS-232, then to a NPORT5110 with ethernet output, to a Radio Rocket M2.
I have already configured the devices with their respective IP, I also managed to connect the radios and I verified that with ‘ping’ in the cdm the correct information was sent. My problem is connecting Mission Planner, through all of the above, to the Pixhawk 4, can someone help me?

How are you connecting the pixhawk to the rs232 interface? are you using a rs232-ttl level converter?

What happens if you try and open the port using putty? do you get any data?

If you can ping the ip of the ethernet adapter its probably not a network issue.