Connection PC to PI3 and PX4 via MAVProxy

Hello everyone,

i am new to the MAVProxy Topic and seem to be a bit lost.

I am trying to connect a PC Programm written in QT5 via UDP to a Raspberry PI 3 running MavProxy and to a PX4 via Serial.

So far everything works and i can connect. I am using

–master=/dev/AMA0 and --out=udp: to connect to both sides.

If in the MAVProxy Terminal I watch HEARTBEAT I can see the HEARTBEAT of the PX4 and the one that the PI (MAVProxy) sends.

But on the PC I can only see the HEARTBEAT of the PX4. MAVProxy doesn’t seem to send its own Heartbeat through the output.

I would like to communicate with both the PI and the PX4 from my PC Programm.

I don’t know how to figure it out. I tried a few things like adding another Link but nothing seems to work.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


That is expected behaviour - MAVproxy will only send heartbeats to the --master links

You’ll need to build a custom module to transfer the data between the PI and PC.

thanks for the quick reply,

so just to clarify, there is no option with mavproxy to establish such a connection?

I would like to have both the Raspberry PI and the PX4 as vehicles and to send Heartbeats to the Computer.

Or just via a self written module that itself connects top the computer via udp and passes through the messages from pixhawk?

Thanks again


Yes, that would work.