Connection NTRIP - URL

can someone show me an example of what he has inserted there:

The problem is solved!

Hi- can you please post your working example?

I cannot get connected to my ntrip caster.

User: xx1/xxxxx

So I enter: http://xx1/xxxx:yyy@zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz:0000/RTCM3Net

The error is “socket exception 0x80004005: no such host is known”

Entering the user name with “& sol;” rather than a / shows “bad ntrip Responce” HTTP/1.0 401 Unauthorized

The caster is known to work on numerous other devices.

Help would be appreciated!

You cant have a / in the username or password , cannot be removed?

Thanks, I figured that was the problem.

It is doubtful that I can get it removed- as it is issued by a government CORS service. Actually two different states both have the same format.

Any work arounds?

Hi- surprisingly was able to work out a solution with the State that does not include the / character.

So now we are now connected, using the format listed above.