Connection Mission planner on windows 10 (1709) and drone

Hello everybody!
I ask for a problem with my new pc with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 (build SO 16299.248).
The trouble starts when I tried to connect Mission Planner (1.3.50 build with my drone. I imposted the right COM and the radio connection rate is 57600.
The problem is in the image uploaded.
“the max device’s BaudRate is 22645”
I hope someone could help me.

What interface are you trying to connect?
USB standard baudrate is 115K,
Sik Telemetry radios are set for 57k.

It’s correct, I think its a problem with the new version of windows 10. Problably I need some driver to get the transmitter working right, but I installed “CP210x_Universal_Windows_Driver” and the problem is the same.

MIssion Planner comes with the required drivers for Pixhawk and APM. You might make sure your anti-virus and defender etc are temporarily off, then uninstall and reinstall Mission Planner.