Connection for ST VL53L0X I2C LiDAR rangefinder

I bought this rangefinder recently but there is no connection diagram enclosed. The size is very samll, about one third the size of a finger nail. Looks like there is no connection for soldering wires.

Anyone who has used this, please help.

You bought the naked chip without a carrier board? I doubt it is possible to make the chip alone work. It is just to small. There are many companies offering the chip on a carrier board with connection pins and voltage regulators, so you can run it with 3.3V and 5V. Polulu, Adafruit and many other “noname” companies.

Hi to all followers, me I’ve bought the same sensor by adafruit, now i need to set it but i don’t know if its better wire directly to the i2c splitter or set it with an arduino board.

hi Sebastian, me I’ve bought the same sensor on carrier board, better to set it stand alone on i2c of the pixhawk or use it with arduino board? coz there is no ardupilot guide speaking about settings for mission planner

There is nothing particular about the VL53L0x, just connect to I2C and power and select rangefinder type 16 from config additional hardware, you should see values at reboot

Hi poppier, better connect the VL53L0x with a stand alone power with an ubec or the i2c can support it??

Typical average during active ranging; varies with configuration, target, and environment. Peak current can reach 40 mA = most FC can supply much more than that (up to 1500 mA)

the point is i dont know if pixhawk and pixfalcon can handle…thats why im thingking to add a bec, coz one drone is having 12 v battery and the second one 7.4 v