Connecting video device on HUD fails

Hi all,
I hope to find an answer that i didn’t find in other posts, concerning how to connect a video device in order to overlay FPV camera to the HUD.

After “Configuring-planner- Video device” , the only device available is “USB 2.0 HD UVC Webcam” ,then I see the video through my laptop camera only.

Flight controller (Matek F405 wing) connected via USB, camera and video transmitter powered, Mission Planner ( build and Arduplane V4.0.1) reads all parameters correctly… but no way to find the camera.

I wonder if I misunderstood the use of FPV overlay, although in some youtube video the same procedure is succesfull.
Any advice is welcomed.

Thank you

the video feed does not come over the usb port, direct from the flight controller. you need a video receiver for your board, that connects to the pc

Hi Michael,

thank you for your reply. I missed that important part of the assembly !