Connecting two power modules to APM 2.5

Hi guys
I was wondering how I could connect two Power Modules to my APM 2.5.
Because it has a second battery options in the configuration tab.


Hi @Patrick_Stigi

If you have soldering skills you can adapt this

For your APM.

Hi @Patrick_Stigi

I had not understood your question, I think with APM you cannot have 2 power modules, once you need 2 analog ports to voltage and current sensing. In other boards you have more GPIO to use and you can use 2 power modules.
What is the purpose to use 2 batteries ?


He is asking about the fact that the optional hardware page in Mission Planner has indeed a battery monitor and secondary battery monitor menu item. I have no idea what the second one is for now that I think if it.

In boards you have more than 1 analog to digital converter port (like pixhawk, beaglebone) you can use more than 1 sensor.