Connecting to a Mac

Strike last. I changed the link and now it connected

for inflight I still need the 3DR radio part right?

Yep, you still need it, but the issue is related to the 3DR Radio not connecting with each other since we have eliminated the other potential issues.

I would suggest plugging the 3DR radio’s to your computer using the USB cable and resetting them back to factory default using the APM Planner 2.0 UI. You do this by not clicking connect and select the 3DR Radio Config button in Initial Config

Ok, where does the usb plug into the radio? I can’t seem find it. It is hidden well!

Also, I’m guessing this is 3DR’s problem now and I need to speak to them? … version-2/

If it’s new out of the box, yes you should speak with them

It is and I Will. Thank you so much for your help!!!