Connecting the X8 to tablet app

I’m working with 3DR RTF X8 and downloaded DroidPlanner v2 from Google Play … oidplanner on some devices like the Nexus 10 Nexus 7 and Nexus 5.

At the moment i’m not able to put the drone on the air with the application, i’m not really sure what am i missing and i have several questions, like how can i put the Home icon on the map? before i send a mission to the drone, do i need to make some configuration first? How the drone will start flying after send it a mission?

Also i’m seeing one strange situation, i tap the edit button and create a path with 5 points as we can see in the next image:

In some videos that i’ve seen, people have the home icon in orange with the ‘H’ on it, and that’s one of my questions, how can i set the home on the map? (By the way the blue dot from the gps on the tablet is some meters to the right in an white area where we can’t see the waypoints so i move it and there is no home button over there either).

Next step that i do is to put the first point as ‘Take Off’ and last as ‘Land Point’, but once i do it for the first point it disappears:

And the last one did ok:

When i put the point 1 to waypoint again it appears in Africa, why?:

Please anyone who knows the correct behavior of the app answer this questions or if anyone knows about a good tutorial, share it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance guys.

About how to make a fully autonomous mission:
[li]Plan the mission starting with a takeoff point, and ending with a land. [/li]
[li]Upload the mission to the copter. [/li]
[li]Go to the flight data screen (first screen)[/li]
[li]clear the area around the copter[/li]
[li]press the safety switch on the copter[/li]
[li]Arm the copter via the RC controller[/li]
[li]switch to AUTO mode[/li]
[li]move the throttle up to start the mission, the cotpter will do an autonomous takeoff[/li]
[li]after takeoff, move the throttle to the bottom. When the copter finishes it’s mission it will land and disarm itself[/li]
[li]during the landing I recommend that you keep your hand on the mode switch on the RC, ready to switch to stabilize, to be able to kill the motors. This is because the land detection algorithm on ArduCopter isn’t perfect, and you don’t want props bumping into the ground.[/li][/ul]

About the takeoff waypoint
Takeoff is a a mission item that doesn’t have a location, it will just takeoff your copter straight-up from where you start the auto mission. When you change to takeoff that item loses it’s coordinate, and stops showing on the map. If you set a takeoff to be another type of waypoint DP doesn’t know where to place it, and drops it at coordinate (0,0).