Connecting TF Mini Plus to Cube Orange

Hi everyone! We are trying to connect this TFMini Plus lidar sensor to our Cube Orange but when we recieved it we realized the connectors are different, so we would need either a female-female cable to connect using the provided cable OR a male-female adapter to connect the sensor to the GPS2 port directly.
My question is: does anyone know where can I source these types of cables or what does the GPS2 port connector is called so I can look it up on mouser-digikey-aliexpress?
The connection I need to make is between this two connectors in the picture.

Solved. For future reference:
The GPS2 port connector is called JST-GH (1.25mm pitch) 6 pin
The TFMini Plus connector is called MOLEX-GH (1.25mm pitch) 4 pin GH1.25-4P (Molex51021-0400) Picoblade

so you can order the JST-GH housing and crimp pins, and the Picoblade male part of the connector and create your own adapter cable!

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