Connecting TeraRanger One to CubePilot servo rail


I have the CubePilot Orange and a TeraRanger One v3.0. I want to power the TeraRanger from the servo rail because I can’t afford (weight-wise) to carry a BEC on the copter just for this.

I use the F55A pro II 4 in 1 ESC, which has a +10V BEC integrated on it. From the info that I scavenge online I can’t really understand if the servo rail on this FC accepts 10V. Doing my own experiments I concluded that it doesn’t accept this high of voltage. I’ll be glad if someone can confirm that.

The TeraRanger One needs 10V in order to work properly. Other than connecting directly the BEC to the TeraRanger (which is not optimal since I want to use the power for other things also), do you recommend any other way of doing it?

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i own teraranger one for few time… i suggest power it using a small bec…but consider it’s i2c

The Cube’s servo rail doesn’t care what voltage is supplied. That LIDAR only draws ~100mA, so connecting the BEC’s +10V output to the servo rail and powering the LIDAR from there should be no problem.