Connecting Telemetry to Controller

Hello Everyone,
I have a beginner’s question that I was hoping someone could either help me with or point me in the right direction. I recently started working with drones for a school project and currently putting it together. The current specs of the drone will be posted at the bottom. I currently have Mission Planner setup, GPS working correctly, motors, and majority of the drone parts connected. The biggest issue that my group is facing for this project is connecting our drone to a controller. The current controller we have wont bind with the drone or mission planner and we dont know why or what to do. Do we need an extra receiver?

P.S. the controllers were given to the group from a closet or previous project so only controller was provided.

Thank you!

Flight Controller + Board: Cube Orange Standard set (ADS-B Carrier Board)
Telemetry: RFD900+ set
Controllers: Spektrum Dx8G2 or fly sky model fs-ct6b

You need a separate receiver. For the spektrum radio you will need a spektrum DSM (DSMX or DSM2) receiver with a serial output. There are also some third party Orange and Lemon receivers. I’d stay away from the Orange receivers, but the Lemons are good. Any RC hobby store will likely have something you can use. The spektrum gear works fine, but don’t expect more than a few hundred meters of range. Plenty for an educational project.

I don’t use Fly Sky, but I’m going to guess they also have their own receivers.

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Thank you for the quick reply and detailed answer. I will look into those options and see which one I can purchase.
Thank you