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Connecting Sky Viper 2450 GPS to Mission Planner


(Gary Mortimer) #1

I expect most of you will know how to do this. The magic numbers - UDP 921600 14550

MP install problems with W7 Pro X64, not able to make it work?
(tridge) #2

thanks Gary!
the baudrate doesn’t actually matter for UDP btw, any value will do

(Jason Short) #3

Hi Tridge, I can connect to Mission Planner but it often hangs at the “stat_runtime” parameter. If I cancel the param download, the Mission Planner app works but fails to control the drone and won’t read or write waypoints. I am running the latest version.

(tridge) #4

I think it’s best if you ask Michael about that - he has a couple of skyvipers. I don’t know of any reason it shouldn’t work just like any other system.
Maybe open a MissionPlanner issue if you find this is reproducible?
Cheers, Tridge