Connecting siyi hm30 with jetson nano

Hi, does this RTSP remote streaming requires internet or its a static IP which we assign for client and server to be on the same network. My applications operates in remote place so internet connectivity is not possible. One more thing is if you can check the below pictures of HM30 airunit, the connection is like connect video port to FPV camera, PWM need to be connected we use gimble camera, Link port is going to telemetry to the pixhawk, and sbus is also going to pixhwak control signal output. If i want to connect jetson nano to below airunit, and transfer processed images from jetson nano, how the connection with airunit looks like? Do i need to use any connectors to use ethernet over s.bus in this guide. Please guide me i am completely a beginner in using these devices, so any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.


Does this diagram help you?
By the way, what gimbal camera do you want to connect to?

Hi @SIYI , I am not planning to use any gimbal camera right now, I am planning to use a USB based webcam which is connected to jetson nano, kind of this pipeline
Camera—USB—NANO(iimage processing)—HDMI–AIR UNIT =======GCS/Video Overlay
if not i can use the FPV camera which i get for the combo kit for SIYI HM30. But still i am not clear with the above pipeline in connecting a HM30 airunit to the jetson nano and take the usb webcam images process it in jetson nano and send the processed images to the GCS.

I guess the easier solution for you is to buy and connect the Siyi HDMI to Ethernet converter to the Nano HDMI

Camera—USB—NANO(iimage processing)—HDMI––SIYI HDMI-Ethernet converter —AIR UNIT =======GCS/Video Overlay

Hi @ppoirier, Sorry for the delayed reply. If I use the above pipeline is it the HDMI out of nano will stream the entire display image of nano just like how we use dual screens for our desktops, Will the nano screen be replicated at the ground station, or can we program it to send only particular processed images from jetson via the air unit.

It will be single screen
For a particular image your application has to be full screen or you stream within your application using appropriate gstreamer pipeline to Ethernet

Hi @Yuri_Rage, @ppoirier, @SIYI ,

Please correct me if I am wrong; I can explain the pipeline from what I understand. Thank you for being so patient in replying. My pipeline is shown in the figure below as per my understanding.

but when I check the link for the converter, as shown in the below figure

It says the ethernet takes the input from the Gimble camera, but I am not using Gimble camera instead, I am using a USB webcam which is already connected to Jetson Nano, so if I use the HDMI out port of Jetson connected to the HDMI port of SIYI converter, then the output port of ethernet of SIYI converter will be connected to video port of FPV air unit, will that work to send processed images from jetson nano to air unit to ground unit, is my pipeline correct?

@SIYI Frank, can you give us a little more information about the HDMI converter?

As far as I know, it only converts Ethernet video stream input to HDMI output and cannot be used in the reverse direction as suggested above. I’d love to be wrong about that!

@Sandeep_k, assuming the expected video stream is just H.265 RTSP, perhaps you could cut out the extra hardware converter and use a direct Ethernet connection through a switch, as suggested by @ppoirier above (post 19).

Yeah unfortunately thats Ethernet -to HDMI :frowning:
So we go back to video transport through Ethernet , basically a gstreamer pipeline from Jetson Nano to Air Unit that can be invoked from terminal or within image processing like OpenCV

Hi @ppoirier & @Yuri_Rage , Thanks for your reply and clarifying, Since the converter doesn’t work, you are suggesting to transmit the video from jetson to airunit via an ethernet connection am I correct? My understanding of the pipeline is as shown in the below figure.

My questions are:
Q1: Is the direct connection from the jetson ethernet to the video port of airunit is possible?

Q2: I am not much aware of the GStreamer pipeline and stream with RTSP. Does this RTSP remote streaming require internet or it’s a static IP that we assign for the client and server to be on the same network?can you please share any example resource or video or a blog which helps me in this regard.

This is the HDMI to Ethernet converter.

@Yuri_Rage @Sandeep_k

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Hi @SIYI , Thanks for the reply, can i be able to do the streaming without the use of converter, as mentioned in the above posts.

Hi @ppoirier , @Yuri_Rage @SIYI , I was trying to use the cable RJ45 Connector To JST GH 8Pin below as shown in the figure , where my ethernet is connected to jetson and my jst-gh 8 pin will be connected to the other end to the video In of the airunit, then is it possible using RTSP to stream the video feed coming from usb camera which is connected to jetson to airunit and then to ground unit. Is it possible without using IP camera, but using a webcamera with the below cable. Can you please help me out.

Hi @SIYI , @Yuri_Rage, @ppoirier

I have one question: can we change the default IP address of the SIYI IP camera, which is, to any IP address within the subnet, let’s say If yes, how can we do this?I have 5 air units and five ground units, and each air unit is connected to one siyi IP camera , but now i want to connect all five ground units to one single system and see all 5 video streams parallely in a single screen, but all 5 IP cameras have a same IP address so that i cannot stream it in a single system, how to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

Camera --USB/MIPI-- Jetson Nano(video+mavproxy) --4GLTE-- VPN ---- GCS

How about this configuration for you?

  • If you want a gimbal, just connect gimbal to FC (GPIO)
  • If you want WiFi, just change 4GLTE module to WiFi
  • If you want multi-drone, any GCS(QGC/MP) software can handle those scenarios. Not sure if multi video feeds can be show at the same time. But you can use gstreamer on computer, am i right?

BTW, the optimized latency might be around 200ms??? Maybe less, that really depends on the configuration.

hi @Sandeep_k if you sorted the connection between the jetson to air unit can you help me with the connection
now iam usingthe siyi a8mini camera connected to the coral dev board and now how to connect the coral dev board to airunit can you help me with these